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Six Reasons Why Millions Have Ditched the Supermarket for HelloFresh

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What happened to the days of trading family recipes and batch-cooking the same three meals each week?

HelloFresh happened – that's what.

So, what's with the hype?

Why does it feel like you're the only person still plodding around the supermarket - notepad in hand, with a vacant look on your face - because Tesco has moved the pilau rice to aisle seven again?

You know there's some truth to this. Why else would you still be reading?

HelloFresh has racked up a whopping 8.5 million customers worldwide, which continues to climb.

Founded in Berlin in November 2011, HelloFresh broke into the meal kit delivery industry before swiftly expanding its services to the UK, US, and Australia in 2012.


Since then, millions of busy professionals, working parents, and even students have jumped at the chance for a healthier, cheaper, and more efficient lifestyle by choosing HelloFresh meal kits.

So, if you're one of the few yet to discover if this food delivery service is worth the hype, then keep reading to find out the six top reasons why HelloFresh is rapidly reshaping food culture worldwide.

#1 Saving Pennies 💰

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has identified that essential household food items have increased by 9.9% in the last 12 months (June 2021 – June 2022).

Items facing the biggest increase are milk, cheese, eggs, fruit, and meat.

With the average UK household spending an estimated annual amount of £3,601 on food shopping, people are desperately trying to cut costs and find cheaper ways to put food on the table.

Those who switched to HelloFresh before the recent price hike might not feel the penny-pinch as hard as those still stuck doing the supermarket sweep.

A meal kit for two people for four days comes to £38.47 (inc. shipping) – totalling £2000 per year.

The reduced trips to the supermarket also save your fuel and time - making HelloFresh an intelligent option for households trying to save pennies.

#2 Healthier Choice 🍎

Not only are HelloFresh meal kits better for your wallet – but they also have the potential to be significantly healthier.

Through the ongoing obesity crisis in the UK, leading nutrition experts listed the increase in portion sizes and lack of regulations around what is standard as a significant contributing factor to the epidemic.

When I first switched to HelloFresh – I was highly doubtful that the small ingredients bag would equate to a substantial meal.

However, the portion sizes are regulated correctly per person.

HelloFresh opened my eyes to what a standard portion size is, and I was mortified looking back at the portion sizes I made before!

Whether it's a super-size pack or a buy-one-get-one-free offer we gravitate to – food consumption in our culture has progressively evolved beyond a healthy standard.

At HelloFresh, each recipe has a breakdown of nutritional values per serving that you can review before selecting your meals.


Although there are higher-calorie meal options, having visibility of the dietary values of each can steer you toward healthier choices.

Plus – the healthier meals are equally packed with flavour, so you really can't go wrong with your selection.

To help you select more mindful recipes, the Weight Watchers range is available and full of low-calorie, delicious recipes.

I'm not watching my weight, but I've chosen a few dishes from the WW range based solely on the recipe appeal. I can firmly assure you that the taste and quality aren't forfeited in these lower-calorie options.

If your recipe has one or more of your five a day, it will be stated at the top of the recipe card - an encouraging feature for anyone aiming for a nutritionally rich diet.

#3 Convenience 📱

Probably the number one benefit of choosing HelloFresh meal kits is convenience.

This appeals to anyone who'd rather spend time doing what they love than stroll around the supermarket after a tiresome day in the office.

According to a study by Bother, Brits spend 8.5 months of their lives in supermarkets.

Doesn't that infuriate you?

All those days, hours, and minutes spent vacantly staring into the depths of a half-empty fridge in Tesco.

Think of what you could have been doing instead.

Let's face it - the time and effort spent preparing new meal ideas each week is an absolute drain on your precious time.

HelloFresh couldn't be more convenient.

Your weekly meals are delivered to your door on a day and time frame that suits you.

The only effort on your part is to set a reminder on the cut-off date each week and ensure you make your recipe selection for the following week.

Handy tip: If you're useless at remembering, you can tailor your meal selection up to four weeks in advance. Set your app aside and wait for your meals to land conveniently on your doorstep.

#4 Broaden Your Horizons 🍜

One unexpected benefit of choosing HelloFresh is the breadth of foodie knowledge you gain.

I'm not saying you'll become an overnight Ramsey sensation, but I think you'll learn a thing or two.

If your recipe choice consists of more exotic cuisines, you might discover new ingredients that tickle your fancy. My most noteworthy discoveries both came from Asian-inspired dishes.

Ketjap Manis and Sambal are two ingredients that have become cupboard staples since I began my HelloFresh journey.

Now, here's a quick exercise for you…

…take a moment to mentally jot down your current go-to dishes.

What cuisine are they? Do they use simple ingredients? Are the dishes well-known in your culture?

The great thing about HelloFresh recipes is the diverse range of meal choices. I find myself selecting dishes that I would never think to create. Recipes that I’ve never even seen online.

Mealtimes are genuinely exciting with these convenient kits since every week brings a change in recipes and a twist on some good ole' classics – if that's what you're into.

Since HelloFresh recipes are formulated to make mealtimes more efficient, the instructions often include techniques that make cooking time faster and easier.

What more could you want?

#5 Sustainability ♻️

Still not convinced that HelloFresh is the right choice for you?

If healthier, cheaper, and more convenient cooking is not your thing – perhaps leading a more sustainable lifestyle is.

HelloFresh is leading the way with food sustainability by providing only the ingredients you need for a recipe – drastically reducing food waste.

Ingredients for a HelloFresh recipe of two servings

They are the first meal kit company to be CO₂ neutral and have stated the following on their website.

The carbon footprint of our meal kits is 25% lower than meals made from store-bought groceries thanks to a streamlined supply chain and more efficient distribution, which work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Their packaging comes from recycled material and is completely recyclable, too – reducing waste from single-use plastic often found on supermarket items.


It can be challenging to lead a more sustainable lifestyle – as progressive creatures; we like to see immediate results in actions that require effort – so since we rarely see the direct impact we have in leading a sustainable life, it can deter us from making a change.

If you're feeling sceptical, check out the facts here. HelloFresh has done the maths, so you don't have you. Hopefully, this gives you enough cause to make a mindful change.

#6 Discounts You Can't Refuse 🤑

Finally, I couldn't close the curtain without mentioning the substantial discounts for new members and the potential to earn rewards through referrals to family and friends.


If (for some very obscure reason) you don't like HelloFresh – the sign-up discount means you can try the meal kits at a highly discounted price.

The current sign-up offer is 60% off your 1st box, 25% off for 2 months + 3 free gifts! The offer ends in just 14 hours! Click here to claim your discounted box during this limited time.

By signing up and receiving weekly boxes, you'll receive referral codes to send family and friends a free box – if they sign up using your referral code, you'll receive anywhere between a £20-£47 discount on your next box, too!

If you need more convincing or want to learn more about HelloFresh, visit their website here.


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