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Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Skincare

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It’s 2022 - I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about organic products.

Since the global climate crisis, more companies are marketing themselves as organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

Yet I still find there’s a lack of awareness around organic living.

It’s becoming clearer what organic and sustainable products are, but there’s still a shortage of information on the effects of consuming non-organic products.

🧖🏼‍♀️ My Journey to Organic Skincare

I feel ashamed that I was probably 25-years-old before alarm bells started ringing around the products I was using religiously.

It started with a tin of Vaseline. I just wanted moisturised lips, nothing more, nothing less.

One lucky day, I lost my Vaseline and went only 8 hours without lip balm. What was to follow was savagely dry lips.

Withdrawal symptoms after a single day without Vaseline? Something wasn’t right.

*Enter overdue research*

After discovering the main ingredient – petroleum jelly – creates an impenetrable barrier to the skin, I soon found the cause of my dry skin.

I was in a vicious cycle.

Apply Vaseline, get “relief” from dry lips – Vaseline comes off, lips feel dry. Re-apply Vaseline.

And arooound we go.

Numerous reports also indicate that the petroleum jelly in Vaseline may contain carcinogens such as poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) linked to cancer and other serious diseases.

Although Vaseline claims to triple-purify its ingredients to remove such harmful materials, manufacturers aren’t required by law to remove PAH from their products.

But, if that doesn’t convince you, here are my four top reasons organic skincare is the best choice for a healthier body, mind, and planet.

🦠 Prevent Illness & Disease

You guessed it.

Petroleum jelly isn’t the only ingredient that can be considered toxic.

If you’re anything like 25-year-old me, you’ll look at the ingredients list on one of your favourite skincare products and think, “What the hell is that?”

Most ingredients listed in non-organic products are unrecognisable, man-made chemicals.

Over time, the prolonged use of synthetic skincare can have long-lasting damage to our health.

The toxins in the ingredients are absorbed into our bloodstream through our skin, causing the production of free radicals that can contribute to diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and Parkinson’s.

By switching to natural, organic skincare, you provide your skin and body with nutrients from nature, which only benefits you long-term.

Organic skincare is also considered non-allergenic, unlike non-organic products derived from synthetic chemicals.

This isn’t to say that organic products won’t cause an allergic reaction, but a reaction will be based on an allergy to a natural ingredient, i.e., peanuts.

🍃 Contribute to a Greener Planet

Who doesn’t love an excuse to help the environment?

Unless you use a carbon footprint calculator, it can be challenging to gauge the impact you, as an individual, are having on CO2 emissions – which can then act as a deterrent to making a lifestyle change.

Traditional farming and manufacturing methods produce harmful emissions through our water, air, and soil. Chemical pesticides and fertilisers create pollution and toxic environments for humans, animals, and plants.

Most organic companies pride themselves on using recyclable packaging and re-fill products to avoid single-use plastics.

My favourite natural skincare brand is Sukin – my entire skincare regime consists of Sukin products.

My Sukin skincare range comprises (left to right) Sensitive Facial Moisturiser, Organic Rosehip Oil, Pore Refining Facial Scrub, and Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Their mission statement is,

At Sukin, we believe beauty shouldn’t cost the earth, which is why we’re committed to creating sustainable and affordable natural skincare! From off-setting our carbon emissions, to always using 100% vegan and cruelty free formulations, our natural skin products seek to treat the planet as well as it treats us. Inspired by our beautiful Australian origins, we’re all about natural skincare, made simple.

Once I find a brand I like, I become their most loyal customer – and it feels great to know that my purchases are more ethical and sustainable.

🐰 Care for Animal Welfare

When you invest in organic skincare, you side with animal welfare.

The environmental impacts of synthetic products devastate our wildlife and disrupt their thriving ecosystems.

Not only does organic farming eliminate the disruption to wildlife, but natural skincare brands are also vegan and cruelty-free – giving you peace of mind that your purchase doesn’t contribute to animal suffering.

This is a massive factor for me with any cosmetics I purchase.

I was horrified to discover how many leading cosmetic brands still test on animals in 2022 and shocked at how many people still blindly buy into these unethical brands.

All it takes is a quick Google search to determine whether a cosmetic brand tests on animals in 2022.

Cruelty-Free Kitty has listed companies that either test on or partner with parent companies that test on animals.

You can also find their list of cruelty-free brands to switch to organic skincare and help end unnecessary animal suffering.

📈 See Long-Term Results

One of the biggest misconceptions about natural skincare is that the results are ineffective since the ingredients are not strong enough.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re led to believe that mainstream, highly-marketed brands that contain synthetic ingredients are effective because of their usually fast-acting results.

Yes, these products do produce desirable results quickly.

But in the long-term, the chemicals in synthetic products can:

• Dry out your skin
• Create irritation
• Cause allergies
• Disrupt beneficial bacteria in your skin’s microbiome

Organic skincare uses natural ingredients that provide nutrients to our skin.

This might be ineffective for some people if they haven't chosen the right product for their specific skin type – i.e., they need prescribed topical treatment from a dermatologist to treat more moderate-severe skin conditions.

If this is you, always consult with a dermatologist about the best skincare products for you.

The ingredients in natural skincare products are derived from plants and naturally occurring minerals and vitamins - once used as ancient remedies for their therapeutic and healing properties.

One crucial thing to consider when looking for organic skincare products is the brand’s credibility.

Many companies confuse the word ‘natural’ and ‘safe’ – not all natural products are safe.

The main three things to identify when searching for an organic skincare brand are:

  1. Labels that are certified as natural and organic
  2. Vegan
  3. Cruelty-free

🍄 Returning to Nature

As an ever-developing culture, we have overcomplicated many of our necessities with artificial food, medicine, and cosmetics.

Considerable advancements in modern medicine have been life-changing, and I could never deny their impact on humanity.

However, everything we could ever need for our daily survival lives in nature.

With a bit of research and much consideration towards sustainability, wildlife, and our health – we can begin to live a more prosperous and fulfilling lifestyle.

Start with your skincare and see where it takes you.



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