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How to Keep Your Cat Safe During Bonfire Night

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Autumn is my favourite season by far.

Crisp mornings, a sea of burnt orange leaves settled on the pavements, and the sweet nostalgia of trick-or-treaters.

But for pet owners, this season can also create feelings of unease.

Trust me, I understand.

Throughout the last week of October and the first week of November, the nation celebrates Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Fireworks are frequent and unpredictable during this time, which can be unnerving if you have a cat roaming the streets.

Since cats have a hearing range three times higher than humans, it’s no wonder they get easily spooked by loud noises.

Statistics suggest an alarming 22% more cats are reported missing on Bonfire Night than any other night of the year.

The loud bang from fireworks can startle cats and cause them to become disorientated - increasing their risk of going missing and the likelihood of an unfortunate road accident.

So, how can you ensure your cats stay safe and unharmed during this firework season?

Let's find out...

Set a Curfew 🕰

Okay, so your cat won’t understand if you ask them to be home by 5 pm...

… but there are other ways you can limit their time outdoors.

You’ll most likely be familiar with what times your cat usually goes out, so you can use this to your advantage and ensure the correct measurements are in place before they wake from their cat nap.

Lock their cat flap or block their usual exit if their cat flap can’t be locked. Your cat will likely get used to this curfew after a few days and settle down.

However, if you have an active cat who loves spending time outdoors – ensure you’re around to keep your cat entertained.

Play games with their toys and reward them with treats to satisfy their hunting instincts. This should stimulate them enough to keep them happy until the fireworks subside.

Create a Safe Space 🏡

Not every cat is the same.

If you have an indoor cat or live in a quiet neighbourhood, your cat may be content on Bonfire Night.

But if you reside near your local park or have a particularly lively street -  even being inside can cause a lot of distress to your cat.

So, understanding how your cat's environment contributes to its experience this season is an essential first step to creating the ultimate kitty haven.

Drawer The Curtains 🌚

To decrease the chance of startling your cat, ensure blinds and windows are closed to block out any sudden or bright flashes from fireworks.

Crank The Radio 📻

Due to an increased awareness of pet wellness around this time of the year, many online resources now allow you to tune into a radio station just for cats, like Cat Calm Radio.

Classic FM hosts Pet Classics between 5-9 pm on November 4th and 5th to help soothe your cat and create the puuurfect ambience for a night in.

Keep Them Company 🤝

If you have a particularly anxious cat, it’s advised to stay with them during this time to ensure they feel secure and protected.

If you absolutely must leave them – continue to follow these steps to safeguard your home for your cat's well-being and your own peace of mind.

Pheromone Your Home 😻

A recommended calming accessory that proves beneficial for anxious cats is a pheromone plug-in diffuser - available from many online retailers and popular pet stores such as Pets at Home.

It’s advised to plug these in at least a week before peak firework season to ensure pheromones have had a chance to work.

Give Them Space 🧸

Utilising your cat's favourite spots in your home is another great way to support them and keep them safe.

Adding an extra blanket to their sleeping spot can make it more appealing for them to retreat and feel content.

Signs That Your Cat is Stressed 😾

If it’s your first time facing the fireworks with your cat, you might wonder how to tell whether they’re distressed.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your cat is distressed, but here are the most common signs to look out for during Bonfire Night.

✅ Submissive body language
✅ Hiding under furniture
✅ Withdrawing from interactions
✅ Eating less or avoiding food altogether
✅ Unusual restlessness

If your cat shows any of these signs, you must stay calm.

Fussing over your cat might cause them to feel uneasy, so it’s best to act normal to reassure them.

Following these tips will provide your feline friend with the safety, support, and well-being they need this Bonfire Night.

Make the Most of It 🛋

Ensuring your pet’s safety this season can be distressing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Why not make the most of it and organise some cosy nights in with friends, family, and your felines?

Choose your favourite movie, grab some snacks, stock up on kitty treats and have yourself a warm, safe, and happy firework season!

If you’re still concerned about your cat during this time and want more support, advice, and resources – head to👇


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