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What Are The Benefits of Organic Period Care?

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National Geographic reports that 5.8 billion tampons were sold in the US in 2018 – and since the average menstruator uses up to 15,000 tampons in their lifetime, this equates to a lot of waste.

Mainstream, non-organic period products contain plastics and harmful chemicals - which contribute to the ongoing environmental crisis.

So, what are the benefits of organic period products, and how can they help you lead a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle?

Let's find out.

#1 They're Biodegradable ♻️

Non-organic tampons and sanitary towels are coated in plastics, chemical fragrances, and pesticides – so their usage devastates the environment.

Regular, non-organic tampons can take an estimated 500-800 years to break down.

Organic period products are made from natural cotton, which takes a comparative six months to decompose – a considerable difference.

And since they don't contain toxic ingredients, the decomposition phase doesn't harm wildlife or the environment.

#2 Reusable Options 🧼

If you want to become a real champion for the planet and your health, you might consider reusable period products.

Your options are:

Reusable pads are machine washable, and most come with a sanitary bag to separate them from the rest of your laundry until they're ready to wash.

Reusable tampon applicators (like this one from Dame) generally come as a one-size-fits-all solution. Made using medical grade and antimicrobial material, this is a safe and hygienic swap for non-organic cardboard and plastic applicators.

Menstrual cups are a less popular option, perhaps because they're still considered a less conventional choice through lack of education and cultural adoption.

However, organic period care providers such as TOTM provide a full breakdown of how to use a menstrual cup and include details of the zero-waste, medical-grade material.

Menstrual cups surpass regular period care because of their lower leak risk and higher fluid capacity.

Since they're also designed to last up to 10 years, menstrual cups are highly cost-effective and hugely beneficial to the environment compared to non-organic, single-use period products.

And finally, the newest product to join the organic period revolution is - period pants.

With a range of styles and absorbency levels available - these pants can be worn on their own or with a tampon - providing a more comfortable, secure, sustainable, and guilt-free period.

Leading the way in the UK with period pants are WUKA, who are a ceritfied carbon neutral company AND their products save you up to 50% when compared to standard period products.
Each pair of WUKA Period Pants also saves 200 disposable pads & tampons from landfill!

#3 Chemical Free 👩🏼‍🔬🚫

When a product is organic - it means it contains no chemicals.

So you can rest easy knowing the products you put in your body are free from bleach, chlorine, and dioxins.

Although reports suggest that non-organic period products only contain a minute amount of these chemicals, artificial materials interfere with our hormones and affect our health through prolonged exposure.

This includes our reproductive system, immunity, and brain health.

These substances are referred to as endocrine disruptors - found in many other consumable, non-organic products.

Ignorance is no longer bliss – especially when your health is concerned. Consider switching to organic period care to safeguard your future health.

#4 Save Our Wildlife 🐿

Non-organic farming pollutes the earth, disrupts wildlife, and destroys fragile ecosystems.

The toxic particles and microplastics enter our air, water, and soil through traditional farming and manufacturing. Switching to organic period care eradicates this destructive process and contributes to a safer planet.

If sustainability and good health aren't a priority for you - saving our precious wildlife might be.

Certified organic period brands are also cruelty-free and vegan, so you can have a guilt-free period and help end unnecessary animal cruelty.

Choosing a Reputable Period Care Brand 🌾

When switching to organic period care, it can be hard to know where to start.

There are many brands to choose from in 2022, but it comes down to what you value the most. To help you decide, here are a few key things to help identify the best organic period brand –

👌🏼 Quality
💸 Affordability
🌟 Reputability

Many organic period brands offer a sample pack of their products - so you can try before you buy at a highly discounted price.

I have a bi-monthly subscription to TOTM (Time of the Month) – clever name, right?

The subscription service is entirely customisable, and you can choose to skip the month or cancel anytime – so there's no commitment needed if it's not for you.

You can select several products to add to your subscription list. If you use one product more regularly than another – you can customise the frequency of individual products on your subscription.

The subscription service is super convenient.

I can't count the number of times I've got to that time of the month, discovered an empty period pantry and had to send my partner on an awkward emergency trip to the shop.

I chose TOTM since I found they were more affordable than most other brands – if affordable period care is a significant factor for you, too –this brand might be for you.

❣️ You can check out TOTM's range here ❣️

So, there you have it.

You can now have a guilt-free period knowing your choices contribute to a greener planet and a healthier body.



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