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3 Foundational Steps to Gain and Retain Wellness Clients

5 minutes read

So, you've started a business because you want to improve people's lives...

BUT, gaining their attention ethically and welcoming them to your community as a loyal member is harder than it looks.

Not to mention; selling your services can feel like a dirty deed. Especially when it seems like the rest of the market is using trickery to gain clients.

But while these other businesses use fear and manipulation to gain short-term wins, the chances of them building a loyal client base are very slim.

The disconnect between what they want (the sale) vs. what their prospect wants (a solution) is the reason why gaining and retaining a loyal client base can feel like a challenge.

However, when you focus on providing solutions instead of making sales, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field.

Marketing your wellness services is simple when you start with your purpose and define who you want to help.

From there, you can build a community of quality clients who are ready to make an ongoing commitment to your services.

Here are three foundational steps I consider to be essential building blocks to any loyal customer base.

#1 Find Your People 🙋‍♀️

As a wellness expert - you probably think everyone needs your service - and, as someone who sees wellness services as absolutely essential, I agree.

But it's important to remember that not everyone wants your service, meaning your efforts to reach everyone is wasted.

And by trying to target everyone, you fail to directly address the few who are ready and waiting for your help.

This is one of my favourite quotes that defines the power of identifying your people in the vast ocean of everyone:

This dye, sold as a powder, is quite bright and tiny bit goes a long way. Once the powder touches the moisture on your skin, it blooms into a bright purple and won't easily wash off.

Drop a teaspoon of it into a swimming pool, and all the water in the pool will become permanently bright purple.

But if you drop it in the ocean, no one will notice.

- Seth Godin, This is Marketing.

Seth's message is simple.

Just as dropping dye in the ocean will go unnoticed - so will your marketing efforts if you broadcast your message to everyone.

Your diluted message will sink and drown amongst the competing waves... 🌊

But, if you start with a swimming pool - whether that’s your local community or a specific demographic - you will be seen, and that drop of dye that sank in the ocean will spread and illuminate the pool.

If you execute this well - the community you build in one pool might even help spread your reach to another pool.

So, where do you start in building your pool of people?

Rather than defining a group of people, it's easier to instead, think of who your ideal customer is.

Ask yourself... 👇

You can create a basis for your ideal customer by answering these questions.

It sometimes helps even to give them a name so you can bring this character to life.

Once you've done this, when you write your next marketing communication - imagine you're writing just to them.

Speak directly to what they need support with, and address them like a friend who needs your help.

Your client will feel heard and valued, and most importantly - you'll build trust and help establish yourself as their go-to expert in the wellness industry.

#2 Get Personal 👋

There is no better way to build genuine connections with your audience than to lead from the front.

Being a professional in the wellness industry is about people helping people.

This means leaning into your voice instead of polishing up some corporate-sounding nonsense that doesn't align with your values or empathise with your audience.

So, discover what your authentic tone of voice sounds like. How would you address someone in person or on a call?

How would you start a conversation with a client in therapy or during a 1:1 coaching session? 🤔

And most importantly - if you are asking someone to let their guard down and trust you, you should lead by example and do the same.

Share your own stories, vulnerabilities, and circumstances that feed into the purpose of your mission.

Help your audience understand why you are trying to help people like them.

You can be your own case study for the success of your wellness practise by demonstrating your journey and reflecting on your experience.

People connect with people.

Not a logo.

Not a corporate and polished voice.

Not a stock image.

Not an AI bot.

If you expect people to put their faith in your product or service, you should really consider injecting your unique personality and expertise into your outreach to establish and build that all-important trust factor.

#3 Provide Value 🏆

You may hear this a lot in the marketing world. It's overused but necessary.

But what does value mean?

When you attract new clients to your business, you need to consider that building trust takes time.

Prospects aren't always ready to partner with you straight away, so this is where you use your expertise to pave the start of their journey with you.

During this journey, our primary goal is to provide value-based resources that demonstrate your expertise, address your community's needs, and establish you as an authority in your field.

By doing this, we must provide value through resources that align with our customer's needs.

Whether that is a free guide to increase awareness of your solution or a webinar to meet them at the current point in their journey; these resources provide an insight into your main service or product.

These consistent value-based communication efforts build trust and guide them in their journey - from lead to a valued client.

It ensures that when the time comes, and they are ready for your solution - whether a course, retreat or otherwise - you will be their go-to expert to support their wellness goals.

Key Takeaways 🔑

✅ Focus on spreading your message within a concentrated pool of people, instead of aiming for the ocean.

✅ Your values and purpose are at the core of your marketing efforts - not the other way around.

Authenticity and empathy are your greatest asset as a wellness professional.

✅ Achieving wellness doesn't happen overnight - so neither will building your community.

✅ Establishing a quality and qualified tribe takes patience and compassion; using these as your strengths will undoubtedly create the customer base you've always dreamt of.

If you need a wellness copywriter and strategist to help you craft a message and find your people, I'd love to help.

My years of experience in content marketing for health & wellness experts, combined with my passion for holistic solutions, is why I'm pleased to offer a practical power-hour session to support the people who help people.


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